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Beammehome in Moscow – Silk scarves with the maps

Beammehome in Moscow – Silk scarves with the maps
April 9, 2018 yves-alain schwaar
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Silk scarves at ketrin shop

Beammehome is “beaming” to Russia. 

Brandfinity with the project “Beam Me Home” is going to “beam” to Moscow. And we are happy to inform you that Silk Scarves with the maps of your favourite cities are already there!

Silk scarves with the map at ketrin shop

We decided to try new locations and surprise Moscow audience with our city inspired designs.

Beammehome is spreading their pop-up stores and happy to discover new places and stores ready for collaboration.

Only sixteen scarves from our limited collection will be represented in the Ketrin shops.

There you will find silk scarves 90×90 cm and 60×60 cm as well as cotton-silk with the size 90x120cm.

About Ketrin shops. Collaboration will last till August, 1.

There are three Ketrin shops in Moscow. The choice of Ketrin’s product is vary and it is famous for bright, fresh classic designs of clothes for women and children. You can buy their clothes online and as well visit them in the shop.

Beammehome decided to make collaboration with Ketrin shops and represent their silk scarves with the maps to the Moscow’s visitors and it’s citizens for a time being.


Where to buy silk scarves with the map in Moscow?

Starting from this week the silk scarves with the maps you may find in the two Ketrin stores in Moscow.  We will keep our collection available till 1st of August 2018. Buying the silk scarves with the maps you will get the package, 100% quality product and customer satisfaction. You will be the owner of a scarf which exists only in 10 or 20 pieces in the world.

Visit Ketrin shops in Moscow (check address below) or order online.

Maybe you wish to explore the full city inspired collection  online and order it now from together with other products?

Or Just visit the catalog with the silk scarves and use the promo-code SPRING at checkout for getting discount (valid till 31 may 2018).

Ketrin shops:

silk scarves in ketrin shop

1. Altufievo, shopping mall AREAL, Altufievskoe shosse 86/1, level 1

(Алтуфьево, ТЦ “Ареал” у метро Алтуфьево, г.Москва Алтуфьевское шоссе д. 86 к. 1, этаж 1
Время работы с 9 до 22 без выходных )

2.Belyaevo, shopping mall AREAL, Profsouznaya street 102/1, level 2.

(Беляево, ТЦ “Ареал” у метро Беляево, г.Москва ул. Профсоюзная д. 102 стр. 1, этаж 2
Время работы с 10 до 22 без выходных)

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