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In this world some might think that everything has a beginning or an end, we think it is much more about transformation and growth – like man and woman, so different but still so the same. It all began with Adam and Eva, the myth stays, while the humanity evolved.

We think that life is a never ending story, evolving and bringing us further or not – depending on our attitude to life and behaviour. We have every day the chance to go beyond the limits we have set to ourselves and create, innovate, enjoy, inspire.

We choose to be out of these frames by creating our company and our products, bringing hopefully to others the infinite pleasure of being ‘here and now’. We can’t count the love, joy, imagination when we think of our artworks. It brings us infinite pleasure and makes our minds fly.

Thinking of our company name we decided to call it ~infinity as we don’t  want to limit our creativity, and artworks we create – and as a result we hope you will have the joy of owning a piece of ~infinity.

Coming from swiss & russian cultures we decided to build exclusive flawless high quality artworks. We aimed at building a premium brand from the start, that is how ‘brandfinity’ was born. With the logo we used the W of the woman and the M of man,  puzzled toghether making one perfect combination and enabling infinite creation.

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Lausanne in strawberry milk mood

Lausanne in strawberry milk mood
May 18, 2016 yves-alain schwaar
In About Scarves, News
silk scarf lausanne

Today I would like to speak about Lausanne, in Switzerland, subject of one of the scarves I designed.

It has a strawberry colour with white line on it, while showing the nice curves of the Lake Geneva.. You might wonder why I would ever come to the idea to create a strawberry scarf…

Lausanne silk scarf

When I was designing this scarf I was far away from Lausanne.

I was preparing my suitcases to move there to my family. The “suitecase mood” and the fact of being pregnant gives woman a feel of wearing “pink glasses” when all around looks cool, flowery and nice.


The wish to eat something sweet and juicy like strawberry 🙂 was typically in my head non stop.
Hot, summer, pregnancy feel of peace and fulfilment, cute baby moves, dream of hunting for ice cream and strawberries brought me to the idea of creating this scarf in “strawberry milk shake” mood. Lovely combination for a mother to be.

After giving birth to a daughter and successful landing in Switzerland sweet memories of this special period pops up from time to time. You may remove the “pink glasses” but wear this scarf and feel the taste of Love, Milk shake, bright warm summer and infinite happiness. Have a try and share your feels with me.

Enjoy wearing Lausanne Strawberry milk scarf.

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