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Beam Me Home

We will beam you home with our products

In this world some might think that everything has a beginning or an end, we think it is much more about transformation and growth – like man and woman, so different but still so the same. It all began with Adam and Eva, the myth stays, while the humanity evolved.

We think that life is a never ending story, evolving and bringing us further or not – depending on our attitude to life and behaviour. We have every day the chance to go beyond the limits we have set to ourselves and create, innovate, enjoy, inspire.

We choose to be out of these frames by creating our company and our products, bringing hopefully to others the infinite pleasure of being ‘here and now’. We can’t count the love, joy, imagination when we think of our artworks. It brings us infinite pleasure and makes our minds fly.

Thinking of our company name we decided to call it brandfinity as we don’t want to limit our creativity, and artworks we create – and as a result we hope you will have the joy of owning a piece of infinity. We named our website beammehome as we want people to feel they are beamed back home when they own one of our products.

Coming from swiss & russian cultures we decided to design exclusive flawless high quality products. We aimed at building a premium brand from the start, that is how ‘beammehome’ was born.

Scarf creation

Being far from the place close to your heart always brings you the wish to find your very own place which makes you feel good, the place where you feel at home. This feeling relaxes and inspires for new good things. You sense the ‘peaceful atmosphere’ around you and your body is in full harmony with your soul, as you have found your very special place and you know it is a place you can always get back to. The places we always love to get back to were the inspiration for our designs.
We created the scarves with youd in our mind, when you are far from your special place and want to take it with you. We carefully designed them with fancy colours and discreetly drawn streets and areas you have been, living, or fell in love with. This stylish accessory will bring a special touch to your wardrobe, while warming your heart, with a silky touch and fresh colour notes.

Map creation

canvas square map london pink

canvas square map london pink

If you are visiting this website you are certainly fond of art and travel. We might have the right product for you. You can choose on our website an artwork bound to your history in form of a city map, in the color you like to fit your home interior. You can order it in the finishing of print, or canvas. Our maps exist for many big cities of the world, but if the city of your heart is not there, drop us a note here. Give to your interior design a stylish look by ordering the map of your city in the tones you prefer. You will see your history of travel, romantic walks, childhood memories or just quality time you had there every day on your wall.
About our product

We are happy to offer you unique product which will add to your design warm atmosphere and stylish look.




On our website you can find great present for everyone:

silk scarves
city map – prints
city map – canvas, framed
Bags & purses

Thank you for reading our story. Please enjoy your shopping on our website.


About our Scarf Partner

Silk Scarf Factory is our partner located in China. It has been on the market for 15 years and mainly oriented on production of: Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, Silk Foulard, Wool Scarf, Modal, Cotton, Linen scarves.

For our scarf designs we use:

digital printing
14mm silk
hand hem
Our scarves goes through hand quality control in Switzerland and security sent to you by post.


About our Printing Partner

Our Partner’s software is located in UK. Prodigi has been printing for famous artists, photographers and museums over many years and are recognised as one of Europe’s finest specialist pro-labs.

Our products are:

prints – matt poster paper
canvas – 260gsm Polycanvas
frames – alu-dibond mounting